Monday, March 11, 2013

About God

After a short study on the Song of Hannah in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 2:1-10), I felt my own Psalm welling up in my is the overflow:

My heart hears the Lord and amplifies His voice in my life
He echoes through my day in one word or thousands, in whispers or in song

I am more brave to my enemies because I hear the shout of His battle cry as He goes on ahead to fight for me
He blesses me with His presence; I feel my spirit respond in goose bumps or adrenalin
I have joy that is hard to contain

He is the saddle on my galloping life, the harness as I dangle on a zip line…
He is the steel between me and a semi, the light switch in a dark and unfamiliar room…
He is my safe place, my shelter from the enemy’s acid rain

I take care how I speak, because I feel my every word in His scales
My words can create pain or comfort
I discard the heavier ones from my mind before they slip from my mouth—sometimes not fast enough!

He heard my prayer for children and has given me so many more children than I could ever bear in childbirth—He continues to bless me with more

My God gives and takes away, He humbles and promotes, He creates as He wants and burns away what He doesn’t.
There is not one that can change my God; He has His own ways that will continue to multiply the questions in my mind.

He is a Holy mystery that cannot be deciphered by His children—but will be revealed to them soon.

The weakest are first, honored and protected.
The evil are hobbled in their own darkness.

He will judge the world one day, may He find me still praising His name no matter what my situation. 

O magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.
Psalm 34:3 (NASB)

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