Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feathered Friends

I commute to work every day. Along with the usual cars and trucks, I see wildlife now and then. There is a section of highway that seems to have another level of traffic on it. About 40 feet in the air, there is a continuous stream of birds. They are going one way in the early mornings, and back "home" to roost in the evenings. It's amazing...so many of them and all heading in one direction-like being pulled by a tractor beam.

When I mentioned this to my husband he told me they were heading off to where they feed. I told him I thought there must be a great body of water or something for so many birds to feast on. He said, "Nope, just the dump."

My serene visual of a special bird sanctuary with lovely trees and waterways went up in feathers. The dump? Really?

On another highway trip, we were off to dinner out and we were driving by a huge area of marsh. The marsh grass went all the way to the horizon with dots of palm trees here and there. As I was talking about the day, I started to notice a motion in the air.

As I focused my computer-weary eyes, I noticed hundreds if not thousands of tiny wrens...dipping and weaving like a feathered school of fish! They had to be catching bugs--hopefully mosquitoes--and there were myriads of them! How they avoided mid-air collisons I'll never know. It was a sight to behold. There seemed to be pure joy in the flick of each wing.

Where am I going with this one? Well with it being January and a new year, and after just turning 50, I find myself thinking about where I'm going these days. What does my spiritual flight schedule look like? Am I following the crowd to the dump every day? Do I put up with stuff that really should'nt be in my spiritual diet? Or have I found joy in my natural habitat, feasting on His word...caught up in the flight of faith with others?

By the end of 2012 I have found myself making a u-turn in the mornings. I like what my pastor said the other day, "No Bible, no breakfast!"

So join me dear reader...shut off the morning tv news, put down the newspaper, turn off the radio and feast on what the Heavenly Father has for us. Because after all, He knows just what we need!

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?
Matthew 6:26
New American Standard Bible

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