Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eat Cake

"It was the best of cakes, it was the worst of cakes." That was a pretty good synopsis by my husband as we celebrated our son's birthday.

You remember the scene, either as a parent or as a child...a lovely concoction called a "cake" and enjoying a slice with them. Memories of a pink and purple strawberry cake with thick pink icing comes to mind...a sugar bomb if ever there was one. Or, a different kind of cake--a pancake--made in the wee hours by a youngster using chocolate milk, chocolate chips and flour...then you awaken to sticky fingers requesting your assistance to fry up the batter because they're too short to use the stove. (Thank you Lord for short 5 year olds!)

So there we sat with our son and his "cake". Let me describe it to take one vending machine and order up a honey bun, and squash it as flat as you can in the wrapper. Then you drop another couple coins in the food machine for a squeeze tube of peanut butter. Then one more handful of coins for a bag of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.

The wrapper is opened and becomes the platter for the cake. Peanut butter is squoozed (yes squoozed) out over the top. A cookie is used as a PB spreader. Then you crumble broken up cookies over the top. The flaps of the wrapper is closed over the top again and used to press the cookies into the honeybun. We all had a slice and quietly sang "happy birthday".

It was the best of cakes because it was not my son's 6th was his 20th. And it was the worst of cakes because it was created inside a prison visitor room.

But you know what, the more I think about it the better that cake is getting. Because I got to hug my son for the first time in over a year and a half. No more video visitation for us!

The Bible says we are to visit those who are in prison. And I can see why. They are spiritual prisoners of war. Should we just leave them to the enemy to do as he wants with them? Or shall we visit, write, send books and accept the collect phone calls to let them know we are still here? We need to let them know the world is still turning and we will be here when they get out.

Someone has come to mind for you. They are either in a physical prison like my son or they are in an emotional or mental prison--which can be just as dark. It's time to reach out...and don't forget to take a cake!

Matthew 25:31-46

To the one you visit, it might be a far, far better thing that you do, than you have ever done...

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