Thursday, January 21, 2010

Elvis Sighting

My friend Ruth said she saw Elvis at the post office last week. When she dropped that tidbit during Bible study this week, we couldn't leave it alone. In fact, my friends dared me to blog about it we are!

Ruth detailed what he was wearing, that he was getting out of a car and going in to the post office. In the midst of her hilarious retelling, we asked if he broke out into song or if he struck a pose. We had quite the tease fest. Especially when we found out this was her first foray into public after a long bout of bronchitis...we insisted that maybe he was a figment brought on by the residual effects of codeine. Admittedly, we were pretty silly.

We could tell through the giggles and hee haws that by her account and her demeanor that she had not truly been in the presence of the King of Rock n' Roll...just a faded imitation.

So, as I lingered in that study group with the giggles drifting in my mind, the Lord brought to memory another woman who had seen a king. She was like Ruth, going about her daily business. But post offices weren't invented yet, and neither was running water. She was at the town well, getting her daily jar full of water. It was midday, because she was avoiding the morning crowd. She had a bad reputation in town and didn't want to give the gossips anything to talk about. Little did she know she was keeping a divine appointment--because there sat a man, asking for a drink. He had nothing to draw water with. (John 4:1-54)

After conversing with the man, she was convinced she was in the presence of someone special, someone who knew scripture like a rabbi, but more than that. She sensed he was the someone her forefathers had told her about: the Messiah.

Can you imagine meeting Jesus at the post office? What would you ask him to be sure it was truly Him? Do you think you'd even recognize Him? What would you say to your family and friends about the experience? How do you think they'd receive you?

Pay close attention to what the woman at the well told the people in her town, "Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ?" (John 4:29)

This is an example of the purest form of evangelism: tell people what Jesus did for you and ask them, "Could this be your king?"

They could tell by her account and her demeanor that she had indeed been in the presence of The King. See verse 39: Many Samaritans from that city believed in him because of the woman's testimony, "He told me all that I ever did."

There is no lofty speech or complicated scripture equation to share with people. You are uniquely prepared with life experiences, doubts and failures. Speak to others about what you know. It's when we try to be another Billy Graham that we fall on our face. How can you begin to be a witness to someone else's walk?

It's not about proving He lived by using a microscope or archeology. It's about proving He is alive in your life, by how you met Him and what He did and continues to do for you!

Now put on those blue suede shoes and walk the talk!

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Carolyn said...

. . . and the crowd goes wild!!! :-)

Excellent incorporation of our silliness into a meaningful discussion of how to share The King with our friends and neighbors.