Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids' Table

Did you ever sit at the kids’ table during Thanksgiving? It was usually a flimsy card table with someone’s turkey they made in school perched in a nest of fake autumn leaves in the table’s center. The paper plates were lively autumn colors, with matching cups and napkins. The cutlery was plastic, with knives that could spread butter but couldn’t cut turkey.

We either had our plates filled for us, with stuff we really didn’t want or we’d serve ourselves and balance a turkey leg, a pound of mashed taters and a flood of gravy that dripped onto the paper tablecloth. Cranberries, green beans and that mystery casserole never saw our table. Then there was always some clown at the table and who'd put olives on every finger tip.

What was really embarrassing was if one of our moms would come and cut our turkey for us. Can we get an eye roll and heavy sigh? Yeah…there was never enough room under the table to hide. And when we did get some of that mystery casserole, the family dog was our best defense. It slid off the paper plate, onto the floor in one easy plop. And the dog made short work of it. He wasn’t going to tell either. (Let’s face it, some are still stuck at the kids’ table simply because of their manners.)

Sometimes we’d sneak and get dessert first. Ah…there’s nothing like a slice of pumpkin pie and enough kool whip to disguise it as a mound of taters. But watch out for that distracted helpful mom who cuts everyone’s meat…in all the confusion you just might get a douse of gravy on that disguised pie.

So why the stroll down memory lane? Well, I was thinking about how funny we’d look if we were still stuck at the kids table. We wouldn’t be very comfortable, all elbows and knees. Or trying to use cutlery that bends under pressure and trying to enjoy food dished up for us. Thankfully we’ve moved on to the grownup table…with dishes, cutlery and serving ourselves and passing the bread and butter to the next person, then having pie if we dare…sigh.

Something to think about while you enjoy your seat at the grownup table this year: how many of us are still stuck at the kids’ table spiritually? Do you go every Sunday and sit because that’s what you were raised to do? Do you feast on what is served up to you every week, never daring to serve yourself on Tuesday or Friday from God’s Word, the Bible? Do you feel too awkward to even darken the door of a church, all elbows and knees—not sure what the protocol or manners are?

Let me tell you dear reader, there is room at this table and you are all invited. God has prepared a feast for all of us. "He has brought me to {his} banquet hall, And his banner over me is love. Song of Solomon 2:4

Time to push away from the kids' table, dust off the crumbs and find your seat. There's more than enough room and there's even your own namecard holding your spot.

Will you dine with me on this day of thanks? Do not rely simply on what is served up for you by someone else. It’s time you seek the Truth for yourself and find out what you’ve been missing. Time to pull out that Bible and see where He takes you. It could be Genesis, or John or Romans.

It’s an amazing banquet, and it is all you can eat for an eternity. Be blessed, be loved and be thankful.

O taste and see that the LORD is good Psalms 34:8a


Tipitee said...

You left out the strange cousins who squished mashed potatoes through their teeth to gross everyone out. Ah memories!

Anonymous said...

What about you had to drink. I think you wrote a similar kids table blog many years ago, maybe even before you had a blog ina an email to me. I never save anything so I will have to let you tell if you did or not. How is life after JDSU. They just had a big layoff at work, I was one of those who got to stay, O Joy. I am going to send them your blog to cheer those who go the hatchet.