Thursday, August 09, 2007

Launching Pad

The shuttle lifted off to another mission this week. We stood in the parking lot of the church and felt the ble minutes later. The launch had a beautiful orange tail that changed colors as it made it's way through the atmosphere. The trail of smoke was towering, then bent as the shuttle found it's "window" to space. The winds in the sky then seemed to make the rocket trail dance a bit as the shuttle became a bright star in the sky.

How long did it take to get to this point? The teacher that was on board waited 20 years for this. She signed up when another teacher was getting ready to blast off in '86. There were months of preparation, training and medical testing. For the vehicle, there was repair, tune-ups, computer upgrades and test after test after test.

When we discover that God has a purpose for us, we go to great lengths to discover it. A whole industry is built around this quest. We spend our money on thousands of self-help books, life coaches and "find yourself" conferences...only to find ourselves looking to the sky and asking God, "Who am I?"

Did you know that you are still on the launch pad? Don't let that discourage you! There is a lot of testing to go through. There are upgrades, repairs and lots and lots of training.

Get real with yourself, if you were told what your God-given purpose was right'd be very excited. But then after you told everyone and thought about it...wouldn't it be a bit scary? Would the doubts creep in, or much worse...what if like a Christmas gift that you open on December 20th, it gets forgotten and shoved in a corner?

You do have a God-given purpose. The more you see yourself on the launch pad getting ready for your "mission", the less you will worry about it. For now, your duty is to care for that baby or parent. That training is being a loyal employee and doing your best for your boss. That repair is reading your Bible, studying the Word and growing in your faith. It may sound like ho-hum every day stuff...but to God it's being faithful in all things. Matthew 25:14-30

And as your faith grows and you become the person God knew you were when He created you, countdown will commence and you will be ready for the ride of your life!

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