Thursday, May 03, 2007

Got game?

As I sit here with my leg elevated, I once again feel a blog coming on.

I play basketball with my son almost every weekday morning at the gym. It’s fun to play. A lot of moms have told me, “I can’t do that! I wouldn’t even be able to shoot.” But I figured, if I don’t try, I wouldn’t have those memories to hang on to. And how better to show my son that I love him?

Today I got hurt, which was inevitable. You put a 40-something, overweight mom on the court with a 15 yr old jock, something’s gotta give--literally. Today it was my ankle. Last week it was a quarter sized raspberry as I gracefully tripped and skid across the court on my knee. But you know, it’s all worth it to spend time with my son. Pretty soon I won’t have this time and I’ll have great stories to recount with him and his kids.

What kind of sacrifices are you willing to make to be with your kid? If I don’t reconnect with my son, how can I even try to empathize with his life? Saying, “I love you” every day just doesn’t hack it. Kids need to SEE the love. An all out, trash talking, sweat-slinging, sneaker-squeaking, one-on-one is called for with boys. (I don’t think I’ll ever let him get over the one game I made 2 pts on him before he knew what was happening. boo-yah!) It can be painful at times, but worth the effort.

Did you know that God has made that same type of effort to reach you? He did it a long time ago. He didn’t have to, but He came down in human form as a baby…only to die on a cross for what He knew we were going to do. He said in the Old Testament over and over how much he loved people, and even did a lot of miracles…but until He actually came down out of heaven on our “court” and experienced human life, we didn't understand that love. How could we think He could ever begin to empathize with our earthly lives?

He was beaten and tortured and then died. But, after 3 days He was victorious over death and our debt for sin was paid in full. Showing us His love was all it took to reconnect with His kids here on earth. It was painful, but well worth the effort. With an example like that, I figure I can suffer a few bruises and raspberries for my son so he’ll know I care and want to build on that mother/son relationship.

Are you willing to make that connection with your kids or even with your heavenly Dad?

Me, I’m going to nurse this ankle until next week…then it’s GAME ON BUD!

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