Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The other night we had a prowler at our bedroom window. I know this because he awakened me with his attempt to cut the screen on our window. The noise of me trying to wake my husband scared the intruder off, and we called 911.

The next day I made it my mission to meet our neighbors and warn them of this prowler. It was nice getting to know them, but I was ashamed it took a prowler to get me out and meet them. These are people that are very familiar with my gregarious son, but some had never met me after living there for 3 years.

The imminent danger to my neighbors is what pushed me to knock on each door. Every face I met was a bit surprised to see me standing there, but after I explained myself, they were very happy that I stopped by to warn them. One couple decided to get another dog. Other neighbors exchanged phone numbers with me. I even had a couple make themselves and their firearms available at a moment’s call.

I think evangelism keeps us inside our homes as well. It is an unwelcome task to some, bringing visions of Bible thumping grim reapers screaming, “Repent!”

As I learn more by reading my Bible and getting to know Jesus, I find there is an evil out there that lies in wait for us. It is like “a prowling lion, waiting for someone to devour”. (1 Peter 5:8) We sit inside our living rooms, peeking out the blinds and wondering if our neighbors know. What will it take to drive you to your neighbor’s door to meet them? Will it take some crisis in your house, or theirs?

Jesus had no fear of walking up to a person that never met him and asking them questions. Sometimes all it takes is a genuine, “Hi, how are you today?” to get a really deep conversation off and running. What is the worst thing that can happen? Are you afraid of getting your feelings hurt or much worse, are you afraid of getting labeled a Jesus-freak?

I may look over my shoulder now and then for the robber who tries to break in to steal, but I resolve to put on my spiritual armor and face the enemy who will rob my friends and family of something more important: eternity with God.

2 Timothy 4:1-5

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