Monday, May 01, 2006

Are you sitting down?

Did you think about the chair you are in right now before you sat down? My computer chair is one we bought at a garage sale. It was $5 and the adjustable height doesn’t work. It goes up with no one in it, but when you put your weight in the chair, it slowly descends.

Last weekend we found another couple chairs at a garage sale, the owners wanted $10 for two aluminum, forest green, wicker-like chairs and matching table. It was a pretty set, and the lady had enjoyed countless mornings sipping coffee on her front porch with them. They were moving to the country, and didn’t want to drag them along on the trip. She warned us about a crack in one leg, but assured us it had never let her or her husband down.

There was another chair story I heard of many years ago. A young lady was on church visitation with a group of eager students. They entered a mobile home and she asked the owner if he minded if she took a seat. With an OK, she grabbed a chair sitting off from the rest and started to share the gospel. The owner seemed enthralled with her talking. When she got up to leave, she asked him if he wanted to know more about her faith. He said he did, because the chair she had grabbed was broken and he hadn’t fixed it yet. He had put it aside because no one could sit in it without it dumping people.

Faith is a chair. We don’t know how strong our faith is until we sit in it.

Some of us have faith like the $5 office chair, it doesn’t seem to want to stay up. When it’s time to really test it, we feel the drop of altitude but it does hold and we get our work done.

Some of us have obvious cracks in our faith chair, and others will point it out to us. However, when the test comes, the crack does not get bigger and we bask in the sunshine—and those others that were so quick to point out the faults are amazed.

Then there are those with a faith that seems to have no cracks or let downs. They are very secure in their faith. When the test comes to sit in that faith, that person is oblivious to any danger that lurks nearby. They sit in a faith that others find hard to believe. It is this chair that beckons others to have a seat and rest a while. (Matthew 11:28)

Like that chair you sit in now. How do you know that chair will hold you? Because it has held so many times before. How do I know my faith will hold me? Because it has held after several tests through the years.

How is your Faith chair? Will it hold the next time you need it? Or will you find yourself sprawled on the floor, rubbing the back of your head? It’s those “broken” faith chairs that make the best impact (sorry for the pun) on people's lives. Because when we sit in our broken faith chairs, it is clear that someone else is holding it all together.

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